17-year-old Florida teen arrested on suspicion of hacking Twitter

01.08.2020 10:01
US police have detained 17-year-old Tampa resident Graham Clark, accusing him of involvement in the recent attack on the social network Twitter and fraudulent distribution of bitcoin. This was reported by the local television channel WFLA.

Graham Clark is suspected of involvement in the attack on Twitter, during which the pages of Elon Musk, bill gates and other businessmen and celebrities were hacked. During the attack, the attacker arranged a distribution of cryptocurrency on their behalf, receiving illegally about $120,000 in BTC.

The Florida state attorney's office announced 30 charges against Clark, including participation in organized fraud, 17 fraudulent schemes using modern electronic means of communication, and 11 crimes related to the misuse of personal data. The victims of one of these crimes were at least 30 people who were damaged in the amount of more than $100,000.

Graham Clarke is currently in custody.

In addition to him, the police detained two other suspects: 19-year-old British citizen Mason Sheppard and 22-year-old American nim Fazeli. The first is charged with organized fraud using electronic means and money laundering, the second-with facilitating illegal access to computer systems.

Recall that on July 15, hackers broke into a number of Twitter accounts and posted messages about fake distribution of bitcoins.

The company said that hackers were able to take over the accounts due to an attack using social engineering, aimed at employees of the social network who have access to internal systems. The platform later reported that hackers compromised 45 celebrity accounts by resetting their passwords.

According to the latest official information, hackers who attacked Twitter gained access to the social network's internal tools through phishing aimed at employees ' mobile phones.

According to Elliptic, more than half of the bitcoins obtained by hacking the accounts of celebrities, hackers passed through the mixers ChipMixer and Wasabi Wallet.

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