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20:09The amount of blocked value in the aave DeFi Protocol exceeded $1 billion3
14:40Barry Silbert reported a record $217 million investment in Grayscale funds9
11:51Media: former top Manager of Bitfinex involved in fraudulent schemes15
11:49In the internal rules, Ukrainian Monobank mentions the prohibition of crypto-exchanges. But there is no such prohibition6
11:49In the internal rules, Ukrainian Monobank mentions a legal ban on crypto-exchanges. But there is no such prohibition5
10:35The amount of Ethereum commissions exceeded the bitcoin index by 283%7
00:13Oil futures fell on Friday19
23:34CFTC data on speculators ' futures positioning as of August 1116
23:02Gold futures fell on Friday20
22:35The European stock market declined on Friday14
21:53Canada: the recovery probably continued in July, but it will slow down, - RBC10
21:22Industrial production in the US: there is a recovery in consumer goods, - Wells Fargo15
20:07Vitalik Buterin earned a few percent on profitable farming»18
19:58Long-term investors can extend the weakening of the USD, - Goldman Sachs22
19:00The volume of open positions in Ethereum futures reached a record $1.5 billion12
18:53USA: the trade deal between America and China has become the main link between the countries35
18:20Ebang has opened a subsidiary in Singapore to launch a bitcoin exchange13
18:15Cryptocurrency: it is Planned to expand the territories for testing digital currency14
17:58In July, us retail sales increased by 1.2%13
17:44Federal reserve Bank of Dallas, Kaplan: the unemployment rate will fall 8-9%13
17:44DALLAS fed, Kaplan: us GDP Forecast for 2021 4.5%14
17:43Federal reserve Bank of Dallas Kaplan: Forecast of U.S. GDP in the 3rd quarter of 20%11
17:40US, Philadelphia Federal reserve: forecast of 4Q unemployment rate of 9.5% from 11.0%9
17:40US, Philadelphia Federal reserve: 3Q unemployment rate Forecast 10.0% from 12.9%10
17:39US, Philadelphia fed: us GDP Forecast for Q4 5.8% from 6.5% previously13
17:38US, Philadelphia fed: us GDP Forecast for Q3 19.1% from 10.6% previously9
17:35The trader told what price levels of bitcoin are worth watching11
17:14Brad Garlinghouse responded to Nathaniel Popper and the FT's skepticism about XRP8
17:01USA, Univ Michigan: August, the Index of inflation expectations of 3.0% from 3.0%7
17:01USA, Univ Michigan: August, Index of consumer nastorenie for 72.8 from 72.57
17:00US: Commercial stocks -1.1% from -2.3%11
16:46Bitmain will sell the company from the USA ASIC miners for $23 million14
16:46Further fall of the dollar helps the Euro / dollar pair to strengthen14
16:16US: July, capacity utilization Rate of 70.6% from 68.5%7
16:16US: July, Industrial production 3% mom from 5.7%mom8
16:01Consumer sentiment in the US was stable in July12
15:49The peace agreement between Israel and the UAE is an important step towards stability in the middle East10
15:33The US Federal reserve told about research for the release of the digital dollar7
15:33Canada: June, Industrial sales 20.7% from 11.6%8
15:32US: July, Retail sales control group 1.4% mom from 6%mom8
15:32USA: 2kV, Costs for payment of the workforce to 12.2% from 9.8%8
15:32US: 2Q, labor Productivity 7.3%9
15:31US: July, Retail sales without car sales 1.9%m / m from 8.3%m / m7
15:31USA: July, Retail sales of 1.2% m/m and 8.4% m/m8
15:20Us retail sales in July could grow by 1.9% mom8
15:15The amount of funds blocked in the DeFi sector exceeded $5 billion6
15:10The fall in the US dollar can be explained by fundamental factors19
14:37Experts: Facebook Pay launched in Russia and Ukraine will not compete with cryptocurrencies7
13:50Chinese authorities have named new regions to test the digital yuan11
13:50The pound / dollar pair remains positive10
13:41Tron and Waves will team up to develop DeFi projects9
13:21An anonymous developer released native Curve tokens without the project team's knowledge6
12:37The us dollar/ canadian dollar pair rose 40 points from session lows9
12:01Euro zone: 2Q, employment Rate -2.8%q/q -2.9%y / y from -0.2%q/q +0.4%y / y7
12:00Eurozone: GDP 2Q -12.1%q/q -15.0%yoy6
12:00Euro zone: trade Balance 21.2 billion euros from 9.4 billion euro9
11:58Dave Portnoy invested a "seven-figure" amount in bitcoin after meeting with the Winklevosses14
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