Elliptic: hackers who hacked Twitter passed half of bitcoins through two mixers

31.07.2020 19:38
More than half of the bitcoins obtained through the hacking of many Twitter accounts were passed by hackers through the mixers ChipMixer and Wasabi Wallet. This is stated in a new report by the analytical firm Elliptic.

These two mixers sent 56.5% of the total amount of stolen bitcoins (30.4 BTC) - 17.18 BTC, the current value of which is about $195 thousand.
A small part of these coins got to exchanges, trading and gambling services.

Recall that on July 15, hackers broke into a number of Twitter accounts and posted messages about fake distribution of bitcoins.

The company said that hackers were able to take over the accounts due to an attack using social engineering, aimed at employees of the social network who have access to internal systems.

The platform later reported that hackers compromised 45 celebrity accounts by resetting their passwords.

According to the latest official information, hackers who attacked Twitter gained access to the social network's internal tools through phishing aimed at employees ' mobile phones.

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