Wixi.nz DeFi Tokens

A token is being introduced for the WIXI.NZ project, which will be posted on
decentralized exchanges (DeFI) Uniswap, Mooniswap, etc.

The token will be used both for internal calculations on the project
WIXI.NZ (cryptocurrency wallets, exchange operations, trading accounts in Metatrader 5, etc.), and be in free circulation on these platforms.
This means that you can sell it at any time. A separate wallet for the project tokens will appear in the My Accounts section.

The cost of the token will grow with the growth of supply and demand for the token, as well as
in view of the development of the project itself.

We provide the opportunity to purchase project tokens prior to their placement on exchanges and until the full implementation of the token on the project.

For all questions, please contact support: clients@wixi.nz