JP Morgan with three reasons for S&P growth in the US

02.07.2020 07:43

A note published earlier in the week by JPM us equity analysts said the company's shares should trade optimistically in the short and medium term.

3 reasons:
1. Positioning remains easy for macro and systematic investors.
seasonality over the summer should help the surge in volatility continue to fade, which could push investors to further increase demand for stocks

2. Monetary and fiscal policy is favorable.
liquidity has recovered significantly from March lows

3. the Increase in the incidence of coronavirus mainly affects the young population this demographic situation dramatically reduces the death rate (compared to older people) and probably reflects higher testing rates, recent protests, and increased economic activity

As we wrote earlier, there is an analysis of other bulls:
The Bank of America indicator says that the stock will grow, + 11% over the next 12 months.

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