Fitch: Coronavirus will accelerate key long-term shifts for credit

30.06.2020 05:10

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 disease, the global rating Agency Fitch published an analysis suggesting changes in long-term lending factors.

Key points in tchete:
The coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic shock will accelerate changes in key drivers of long-term lending, including an expanded role for government in the economy, reduced investment, new personal consumption patterns, a shift to online activities, and trade relations.

Accelerated long-term disruptions can significantly affect lending in a wide range of sectors, especially because sufficient market liquidity and favorable financial conditions will not indefinitely prevent solvency problems.

Market implications
Given the current market attention to updates on coronavirus, long-term news seems less interesting to traders. As a result, S&P500 futures increase profits on wall street trading to the level of 3055, increasing by 0.25% for the trading day.

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