The volume of assets in DeFi protocols exceeded $4 billion

01.08.2020 11:18
The total amount of funds frozen in the services of the decentralized Finance sector (DeFi) exceeded $4 billion. The most popular asset is the stablecoin DAI (MakerDAO), whose dominance index is more than 30%.

According to the latest data, DAI accounts for $1.23 billion of all funds held in smart contracts, protocols and decentralized applications based on Ethereum.

Next are Compound and Synthetix – $707.5 million and $506.3 million. On the heels of Synthetix comes Aave - $504.7 million.
Earlier this week, the decentralized derivatives platform Synthetix switched to a decentralized management model.

Recall that the analytical service CoinGecko released the first edition of the book "How to DeFi" in Russian. It discusses various elements of the decentralized Finance ecosystem, and provides step-by-step instructions to help you interact with DeFi products.

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