Messari: the popularity of DeFi aggregators will continue to grow

31.07.2020 17:46
According to the observations of Messari researchers, approximately 20% of the total trading volume of non-custodial Ethereum exchanges is generated using so-called DeFi aggregators.

Such services not only help reduce transaction costs, but also simplify user interaction with the DeFi sphere.

For example, platforms like RAY select the most profitable landing services for users, helping to maximize the profitability of blocked crypto assets. DEX-1inch aggregators and they make it possible to exchange crypto assets at the most favorable exchange rate with minimal "slippage".
More than 7% of the total value of Ethereum blocked in DeFi passes through the aggregator of landing services InstaDApp.
Messari believes that DeFi aggregators contribute to the flow of capital into the ecosystem of Ethereum applications.
"DeFi aggregators are really useful services. The trend towards aggregation is likely to continue in the future, " experts are sure.
According to DeFi Pulse, the cost of Ethereum, which is blocked in smart contracts of DeFi applications, has come close to $4 billion.
MakerDAO is the leader in This segment, followed by the landing service Compound and the synthetic asset platform Synthetix, which recently switched to a decentralized management model.

We remind you that recently the analytical service CoinGecko published a book about DeFi in Russian.

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