The EU has imposed sanctions against the GRU of the Russian Federation for hacking bitcoin ransomware NotPetya

31.07.2020 17:04
The main center for special technologies of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation (GU/GRU) is included in the EU sanctions list for involvement in the attacks of the NotPetya ransomware virus in 2017.

Four alleged GRU employees were also sanctioned. According to the investigation, current military intelligence officers Alexey Minin, Alexey Morenets, Yevgeny Serebryakov and Oleg Sotnikov in April 2018 organized an attack on the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) in the Netherlands.
"GRU employees tried to gain unauthorized access to the Wi-Fi network of the OPCW headquarters. If successful, this could jeopardize the security of the network and the organization's investigative work, " the EU Council said in its conclusion.
The cyber attack was stopped by the Dutch military intelligence and security Service (DISS).

The sanctions imposed on Russians include a travel ban and asset freeze. Individuals and legal entities of the EU have been banned from providing individuals and entities from the list with access to funds. See the link for details.

Two Chinese citizens and two entities linked to China and North Korea were also sanctioned. In particular, the North Korean company Chosen Expo is associated with the Lazarus hacker group involved in the large-scale wannacry attack.

Recall that the wannacry virus began to spread in mid-may 2017 and affected more than 36 thousand Windows-based computers around the world. Hackers demanded to pay $300 in bitcoins for decrypting the data.

Damage from the wannacry ransomware virus exceeded $1 billion.

The cryptographer NotPetya attacked the computer systems of public and private organizations in late June 2017, extorting a similar amount. The main blow fell on Ukraine. According to some analysts, this virus only masqueraded as a ransomware, aiming to cause mass damage.

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