Opinion: the full launch of Ethereum 2.0 will occur in 2022

31.07.2020 14:27
Kosala Hemachandra, the Creator of The myetherwallet (MEW) wallet, believes that the full-scale version of the second version of the Ethereum Protocol should not be expected until 2022. At the same time, he is confident of launching the first phase of the project by the end of this year.
"My prediction is that the full reality of ETH 2.0 will only come in a couple of years," Hemachandra shared his expectations in an interview with Cointelegraph.
Initially, the launch of ETH 2.0 was planned for January 3. Then the developers moved the date to the second quarter — lead developer Justin Drake suggested launching phase zero on July 30, the fifth anniversary of the network's creation. The event is now expected to take place on November 4. This will happen if there are no failures after three months of testing the final testnet, which is scheduled to start on August 4.

"These days, everyone is focused on the first phase. I am convinced that this will happen this year. There remains only the final testnet. The community can already test it for errors, " said the Creator of MEW.
According to Hemachandra, the cautious approach to launching ETH 2.0 was justified. He believes that this process takes time "when it comes to user funds and an immutable blockchain."
"We have already seen this in past iterations of Ethereum. ETH 2.0 will once again revolutionize the idea of blockchain technology. A secure and sustainable system will be created that can compete with centralized scaling solutions, " added Hemachandra.
Recall that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called for speeding up the preparation of ETH 2.0 clients for the first phase in order to test their performance in practice.

Recently, developers have launched a" launch pad " for Ethereum 2.0 validators.

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